Possibly the most formative era of my creative adventure. I started using oil paint and began my formal training at the College of DuPage in Illinois. Moved out to Los Angeles, living and dreaming, criss-crossing the country. Lived in Hollywood, joined a metal band... it was an amazing time in my life.



From a very intense environment to placid quiet; The Midwest. Limped back home to Illinois battered and broke but very happy. This is also the time I became a parent.



Another very productive, hopeful era. The most fun, most serious collaboration I've undertaken with an incredible artist named Danny Powell in Aurora, IL. I also had the ability to work on a very large scale, showing art at the House Cafe in Dekalb for an extended installation. During this time I had a successful run with a band that included my wife. This was a great outlet for me and I collaborated with some very amazing creative minds which added many techniques to the repertoire.



The band had run its course. This era marks a creative downturn in terms of productivity for me. However I managed to win Best in Show at the Elmhurst Artist Guild and showed there almost twice a year. Prosperous in many ways, and a departure from the very prolific periods, only making one piece a year for a few years.



A global pandemic rearranged everyone's existence. New collaborators, new space to create and new music projects abound. I started working with resin to a great extent. I intend to keep the creativity going, hoping to inspire others and fill their lives and homes with love and beauty. 2021 marks the launch of this new website too!


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