Living Out Of Your Car

More people have lived out of their car than we will ever know. Especially in the warm weather climates, California, Arizona. If you had a bed every night, but kept your belongings in your car, you lived there. If you at the very least had a place to shower, that’s living out of your car. You get a storage unit for all your records and comic books and extraneous artwork that’s been trailing behind you for years.

     Keep essentials in the trunk, clothes mostly. No need to hide the blankets in the back seat. Gotta find the right spot to park, maybe within walking distance of a bar, but also, facing the right direction for when the sun comes up, unless you want to be awakened by the sun. Read the nearby parking signs before making your way to said bar. If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, maybe they will let you crash there once in a while. Otherwise, try to park somewhere inconspicuous, next to big tree or near other cars. Maybe keep a weapon at hand and keep your doors locked.

     Very challenging to make art under these conditions. Especially when it rains all week in LA in February, 2004. 


     I had a dream about visiting George W. bush in the white house. We smoked a joint (I was not smoking weed during this era) and he showed me around the place. The bedroom had some kind of spoiler over the bed, which I took to be a torture or s & m device. The color scheme was very 80s, solid colors, next to each other, symmetrically; Yellow, magenta, crimson, baby blue. There was a strange flower painted on the ceiling. I painted the image from this dream in the back of an alley in Los Feliz during that rainy week in Los Angeles, living out of my car. 

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