The Creative Arc

I was born in suburban Chicago-land in 1978 and almost immediately gravitated toward the creative arts. I earned an Associates degree studying graphic design at The American Academy of Art in Chicago. I lived in Los Angeles from 2001-2005. 

I paint and sell expressionistic street art, Rock N Roll portraits, repurposing images from our culture in a tapestry exploring vibrant color, glorifying diversity.  

I use oil paint, spray paint, paint pens, markers and epoxy resin and other mediums I come across. I’ve cut hundreds of unique stencils for mass reproduction (check out my stencil work HERE) as well as block prints (seen HERE) and ink drawings all exploring negative space, stark contrasts, line and shape exclusively. 

During the last 25 years, I’ve shown art at Around the Coyote (Chicago) The Hothouse on Balbo (Chicago) Elmhurst Art Museum (Elmhurst,IL) seasonal member shows (Best in Show)  Participated in group shows as The Bastardo Bros (Aurora IL) Parts and Labor Collective (Chicago) Orbetello Gallery (LA) solo shows on Melrose St. (LA) UponShop (LA) Cab’s Wine bistro (Glen Ellyn,IL) 

The following eras are available for browsing on this website.


Started using oil paint at College of DuPage. Moved out to Los Angeles, living and dreaming, criss-crossing the country. Lived in Hollywood, joined a metal band, it was an amazing time in my life.


From a very intense environment to placid quiet; The Midwest. Limped home to Illinois broke but very happy and became a parent.


Another very productive, hopeful era. The funnest, most serious collaboration with Danny Powell in Aurora, had the ability to work in a Large Scale, showing art at the House Cafe in Dekalb for many months. Also had a very fun successful band with my wife that was a great outlet and collaborated with amazing people. Added many techniques to the repertoire.


The band had run its course. This era marks a creative downturn in terms of productivity. Managed to win a Best in Show at the Elmhurst Artist Guild and showed there almost twice a year. Prosperous in many ways, and a departure from the very prolific periods, only making one piece a year for a few years.


The global Covid-19 pandemic rearranged everyone’s existence, new collaborators, new space to create and continue playing music. I started working with resin. I intend to keep the creativity going, hoping to inspire others and fill their lives and homes with love and beauty, and I Finally have a badass website! 

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